Our Focus



Invest in early and growth stage companies.

  • Underserved market. 
  • Advantageous competitive landscape. 
  • Attractive valuations
  • Large growth opportunities. 
  • New source of R&D for large cap companies.



Focus on industries experiencing high opportunities for sizable exits.

  • High growth in financial technology as finance functions move more to be paperless and better data.
  • Growing interest in health, fitness, and sustainability.
  • Unique, pioneering products / services.
  • Real Estate, focused in sustainability or redeveloping under-served suburban areas
  • Focus on better infrastructure and industrial services due to new technologies.



Partnering with entrepreneurs who have a passion for their business and willingness to make it work at all costs.

  • Ensures continuity of growth.
  • Provides greater alignment of interests.


Working closely with each entrepreneur and executive team to ensure sharpness of business and go-to-market strategy.

  • Drives growth and profitability.
  • Increases ability for higher exit multiple

Investment Criteria

Loki Equity Ventures (LEV) is a venture / growth fund focused on financial technology (fintech), health and fitness, high quality goods and services for conscientious buyers, real estate, and industrial/professional services. LEV, within the identified industries, focuses on three primary strategies, allowing us to take advantage of opportunities across varying investment horizons and product markets.

Early Stage Investment
Growth Equity
Private Equity

Characteristics we look for in companies to partner with

  • Early stage ventures that need cash influx to grow
  • Strong, passionate executive team willing to make their idea work at all costs
  • Unique, pioneering products and services for conscientious buyers
  • Tractable financials
  • Exploitable market opportunity
  • Advantageous competitive landscape
  • Clear vision for large multiple exit

Our portfolio of products can be found here